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Solutions for K-12 Schools

Class field-trip day might have a new rival...

Running a K-12 school library can be a lot of work, but we're about to make it much easier. Confused part-time staff? No problem. Bored or trouble-seeking kids? No longer.

For those who run the library, SirsiDynix solutions such as StaffWeb make the job of the K-12 library easier by providing basic circulation, cataloging and reporting features all accessible through a Web browser. With StaffWeb, the time-consuming work involved in installing staff clients at each school library – as many school districts typically have several sites throughout the district – is eliminated. Intuitive, basic functionality is provided without needing to do a lot of detailed configuration to get it up and running. Your library tools are up and ready to go via Web in a few clicks.

For the little guys who come to the library to learn, SirsiDynix Enterprise is a solution aptly fit the K-12 library user. Through Enterprise, kids can explore, discover and learn all online through your school’s library. By enabling the creation of customized, themed “rooms” of content, Enterprise will engage the child in the learning process – allowing them to benefit both from your library contents and the vast resources beyond the school walls. With thousands of pages integrating multimedia content, websites and other resources of your choosing, your library’s “rooms” – easily created by you – can all organized around the K-12 curriculum and rotated at will. What’s more, to prevent any distractions or misuse of computer time, SirsiDynix products are all equipped with authority control settings, so you can deem which content is permissible for each respective group of students.

The options are limitless, but one thing is certain: the learning experience will be greatly enriched. And with SirsiDynix tools at your aid and the power of dynamic, content-specific discovery at your users’ fingertips, your K-12 students very well may begin to prefer library day over field trips.

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