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Solutions For Public Libraries

Public libraries offer so much more than just popular fiction books. As information leaders in their respective communities, libraries serve as an access point for resources and materials from around the world and across the passages of time. What’s more, these central hubs also regularly host community education programs, cultural events, employment assistance and the like. With so many demands on their time and resources, libraries need more than just run-of-the-mill software for cataloging books. They need a technology partner with comprehensive solutions. SirsiDynix offers those comprehensive solutions. With the most flexible technology in the industry, you will find answers to all your library functionality and information-gathering needs within our product offerings. If you can dream it up, our solutions can support it. SirsiDynix offers the most robust, comprehensive solutions out-of-the-box, with unparalleled flexibility through open architecture so you can truly make our library solution yours. While tremendous challenges face public libraries today, there are also exciting opportunities for the professionals who lead them:

  • Supporting education, life-long learning, ESL programs, and more initiatives critical to community progress
  • Heightening awareness of public libraries in their communities
  • Responding to funding challenges that have resulted from declining public funding
  • Overcoming the competition to public libraries by offering services of unequaled breadth, depth, and quality
  • Forging relationships with other entities in meeting people's needs for quality information and resources
  • Discovering and applying imaginative approaches and technologies for fulfilling the mission of public libraries

At SirsiDynix, we're focused on supporting public libraries in their mission to capitalize on these challenges and reach new heights in serving their communities. In addition to our comprehensive technology offerings for public libraries, SirsiDynix benefits from more than 25 years' experience in meeting the needs of libraries. This includes working with thousands of public libraries around the world, and sharing your No. 1 goal: serving your patrons and community.

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