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Solutions for Special Libraries

As a current or prospective non-traditional library, you probably have some questions. If you’re getting started, you want to know how difficult this library software will be and if you’ll be able to use it. Second, you probably want to know what library technology can do for you. Let’s address these in order. First, while SirsiDynix solutions were created for libraries, they were also designed for easy use by non-librarians. Most special libraries are staffed by people who do not come from a library background. That’s perfectly okay. Our solutions have taken that into account. Our main focus is helping you to effectively share and manage information to achieve organizational goals. To that end, a few features that might ease your mind include:

  • Wizards. Our software is equipped with them. Particularly valuable are the ones that double-check your record entries. If you start to enter something that is already in the system, it will let you know so you don’t have duplicate data.
  • Cloud computing. The short description of this is, we manage your server hardware and backups so you don’t have to. With our highly trained data and technical staff, we’ll handle the day-to-day maintenance work on our end, saving you both time and money.
  • Web Reporter. With businesses having to run leaner and meaner, your corporate library needs to prove its worth just like everyone else. Web Reporter helps with that. Our solutions offer a complete suite of reporting tools so you can document circulation, usage, money saved or virtually anything else you can think of.
  • Consulting. Our team of library technology professionals can train you to do your job better, faster and more effectively. Call on consulting anytime to get advice on how to best utilize your technology investment to meet and surpass your organizational goals. It’s this ease of use that makes SirsiDynix solutions practical for special libraries, right out of the box.

Now, let’s talk about the exciting stuff. What can SirsiDynix library technology do for you. Let’s preface this discussion by saying, in the realm of tracking and sharing information, there’s not a lot it can’t do. But, a few of the capabilities we like to tout include:

  • Ultimate cataloguing power. All your information, easily segmented and at your fingertips. Even data stored within scanned documents is catalogued and searchable with the in-text searching capabilities of our dynamic discovery portal, SirsiDynix Enterprise. Enterprise also enables the creation of custom “rooms” of information, focused on the content areas that are important to you (and easily changeable, as new areas of interest develop).
  • Ultimate searching power. Imagine a search that not only scans your catalogued data, documents and multimedia, but goes beyond the confines of your library to pull dynamic supplementary information on related subject matter – upcoming events, Web resources and more – all in one place. Targeted, faceted and completely customizable.
  • You control who sees what. With SirsiDynix’s industry-leading authority control technology, your information can be safeguarded at varying levels for the many people and departments who will be accessing it. Security strong enough for military bases and courthouses, your information is stored centrally but accessible to many, as you deem fit.
  • Bibliographic records aren’t just for books. With SirsiDynix technology, all your assets can be catalogued specifically and tracked locally or on a global basis. Whether it be a shade of paint, a swatch of fabric, a weight of paper or any other informational nugget, SirsiDynix can catalog elements of your brand or business to ensure exact consistency in output, no matter where that output needs to be.

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