What products work for my consortium?

Does your consortia have the administrative control it needs to effectively and efficiently manage your libraries? Do they have the flexibility they need to maintain consortia branding yet be individualized for their community? Is your software easy to use for both full time staff and volunteers, and able to give you the reporting to prove your value?

With user needs growing every day, consortia play an important role in ensuring that libraries can afford the resources they need and be cornerstones of their communities. From managing multiple branches and maintaining individual voices to effectively managing digital resources and setting multi-library policies, consortia must manage the complex needs of the many without sacrificing the individual needs of each library. Symphony allows you to do just that. 

What are the key benefits of Symphony for consortia?

  • Easy to learn. Symphony provides an easy-to-use interface for staff and volunteers. Many affordable training options are available too; SirsiDynix can train staff onsite, in our offices, or online. 
  • Flexibility. Symphony's open architecture allows for easy management of your library installations and flexible customization solutions for each individual library.
  • Separate but equal. Access privileges can be maintained completely or separately to prevent any sort confusion with duplication or accidental deletion records. Privileges may also be shared to allow an open exchange of resources among library members. 
  • Know your value. BLUEcloud Analytics allows you and your library the tools it needs to give you the key performance indicators you're looking for. By combining data from our ILS, OPAC, and other SirsiDynix software, Analytics generates complex analyses and tailors custom reports within seconds. 
Libraries first started pooling resources at the end of the 1800s.

For better holds/request management, check out Symphony's flexible policies control display and access to all types of records and demand management.

Tired of making policy and setting changes to each individual library in your consortia? Easily administer multiple systems, even with limited admin staff, by using Universal Admin. Universal Admin gives you command of all administrative settings for all of your libraries at once, letting you create and enforce policies for every library from one interface.

Enterprise is administered through profiles, which allow for simplified management of multiple OPACs through cascading settings. Its built-in content management system (CMS) also aids administrators working with more than one OPAC across an organization.

When you have the power of Portfolio, digital collections show up alongside all others. Special features including built-in OCR for full-text searching and access control to protect special items or collections make special collections easy to share.

BLUEcloud Analytics does more than report today's numbers: it combines data over time from your ILS, OPAC, and other SirsiDynix software to give you key performance indicators for your library and community.