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BLUEcloud Serials

Turn the chaos of hundreds of subscriptions into one tool that any staff member can use. BLUEcloud Serials will organize your physical publications alongside your library’s other materials so you can easily get your users the information they need.

Easy tracking for any publication

No publishing schedule will be too complicated to track in BLUEcloud Serials. Choose a daily schedule for your newspapers, or select specific months for the seasonal gardening magazine. Once you set the publication schedule, you will just scan an item to check it in.

Two great tools, much less busy work

BLUEcloud Serials will simplify your serials administration by synchronizing with EBSCO Holdings and Links management (HLM). Whichever tool you use to update your holdings, BLUEcloud Serials will display your most current serials information, without unnecessary data entry.

Physical and digital in one place

Combined with BLUEcloud eRM, BLUEcloud Serials will help you manage your traditional and digital publications in one place. No matter the format of a resource, you will be able to easily track it in your LSP and deliver it to your users.