BLUEcloud Course Reserves

Strengthen the link between your library and your university’s professors. BLUEcloud Course Reserves will remove busywork from both faculty and library staff. When professors can push their syllabus titles automatically into course reserves, and when students can find reserve items directly from their library accounts, your reserves desk will run faster than ever. 

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From syllabus to reserves in one easy step

Faculty will be able to create their entire syllabus with BLUEcloud Lists, and then push it to BLUEcloud Course Reserves. Anything available in your library will automatically be placed on reserve.

Your work, your way

Staff and faculty will also be able to create course reserves directly from the Enterprise discovery tool. With just a couple clicks, professors will be able to add a title in your catalog to a course reserve of their choice.

Give students the answers before they ask

What’s the reading again? BLUEcloud Course Reserves will have the answer. When you connect BLUEcloud Campus to your learning management system, BLUEcloud Course Reserves will generate a personalized list of readings in each student’s library account, based on the courses they’re taking.