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At the heart of a library is its information – loads and loads of it, in virtually every shape, size, and format. Tasked with the responsibility to not only maintain this abundance of data, but also to navigate and organize it for the benefit of the communities they serve, libraries have a big job.

SirsiDynix provides a variety of data services for converting, updating, and maintaining your institution’s important resources. Our staff members have extensive experience working with a variety of library data formats from an array of libraries and organizations, so you don’t have to go it alone. 

21 Million+
SirsiDynix SmartSource contains over 21 Million Bibliographic and Authority Records
Data Migration

Extensive data conversion is a normal part of migration to a SirsiDynix product. As you prepare to migrate, your data couldn't be in better hands. With a tried-and-true process in place, you can count on your SirsiDynix support staff to be responsive, experienced, and highly skilled at what they do.


Unlimited bibliographic and authoritative records for acquisitions or cataloging purposes can be easily obtained with an annual subscription to SirsiDynix SmartSource™. SmartSource™ houses the data for Authority Processing, Authority Updates, and Bibliographic Enhancement Services.

Authority Processing

Authority Processing cleans up the heading fields in bibliographic records, matches them to headings in U.S. Library of Congress authority records and other databases, and updates the bibliographic headings as appropriate—making your job just that much easier. 

Authority Processing LITE

Available for all platforms, this service consists of Bibliographic Heading Update, Authority Record Provision, Bibliographic Record Cleanup, and Bibliographic Database Analysis. With this service, fields and text in your bibliographic records will be upgraded, headings will be matched against authority files, and bibliographic records and matching authority records will be loaded back into your SirsiDynix system.

Bibliographic Cleanup


A clean MARC database improves circulation, saves time, and allows patrons to make the most of library collections. Bibliographic Cleanup updates fields in your MARC records to match current rules, standards, and practices. It also indentifies and corrects many types of errors you might commonly find in MARC records, saving you and your library time and unnecessary frustration. 

Authority Update Subscription

Authority Update Subscription is a service available for SirsiDynix Symphony and Unicorn systems users. It keeps your existing authority records up to date and acquires additional authority records to match headings in your new catalog. Automatic reports identify, acquire, and load needed records without requiring staff input.

Reading Program Services

Reading Program Services makes it easier for students to identify books that are supported by their school's reading program by adding appropriate information to the bibliographic record. SirsiDynix provides Lexile measures and Accelerated Reader information to ensure students have all the information that they need.

Bibliographic MARC Record Upgrade Service

Bibliographic MARC Record Upgrade Service finds brief and incomplete records in your database, matches them to more complete versions in the Library of Congress database of more than 12 million records, and then merges your local information into the improved record.

MARC Record Enhancement

MARC Record Enhancement services are designed to add new information to your existing bibliographic records. SirsiDynix offers enhancement from the Library of Congress Data, bibliographic upgrade services, Serial MARC Update services, and RDA update services.

Deduplication Service

SirsiDynix Deduplication Service identifies and deletes duplicate bibliographic records in your system. Highly-customizable options permit the service to identify the "best" record in your database for retention, to overcome cataloging differences in determining duplicates, and to retain unique records based on your unique needs.

Consultation Services

Multiple consultation services can be provided based on the needs of your institution. Examples include data conversion, data cleanup, data loading, data extraction, data removal, or data enhancement. Services are not limited to bibliographic data, but may include user, serial, item, order, billing, or other types of data.

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