Meet Your Team: SirsiDynix Support and SaaS

We at SirsiDynix would like to give you the chance to get to know us better. Not everyone gets to go to conferences, interact with different departments, or meet our executives. That’s why we’re kicking off a series of blogs to introduce you to our departments and managers. To start the series off, we’d like to let you know a little more about Customer Support and SaaS.

Meet Scott:

Name Scott Wheelhouse
Family Married 27 years with 8 kids!
Geography Moved 18 times before the age of 19; has now lived in the same house for 24 years in Utah 
Bookshelf Favorite: The Best Service is No Service. Enjoys audiobooks (non-fiction) for commuting
Education Executive MBA and BS in Information Systems from Brigham Young University

Scott is our Senior Vice President of Operations. He has been with SirsiDynix for a total of 20 years. He initially started in retrospective conversion in 1987. Over the course of 14 years he worked his way up to Managing Director, Product Manager, and eventually became VP of Product Management. In 2010 Scott returned to SirsiDynix to work with Customer Support. Now, he oversees Cloud/SaaS services, Security, Customer Support, and IT.

Support and SaaS by Numbers

  • 90 employees, with 6 librarieans
  • Serving customers in 4 languages: English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish
  • 99.95% system availability 3 years running

Inhis current role, Scott is always looking for ways to improve customer service. Feedback from customers is Scott’s favorite place to find those opportunities. One pattern identified from customer feedback is the value of emotional IQ in hiring and evaluating exceptional Customer Support staff – an even higher predictor of success than technical intelligence. With the realization of the importance of “EQ,” Customer Support revamped their evaluation process. The new top evaluation criterion? Conscientiousness. This qualitative change has resulted in steady and quantifiable improvements to Support satisfaction. Just check out some of the numbers!

Scott’s guiding philosophy as a leader is to create an environment for people to do their best work. “SirsiDynix Support & SaaS staff are without equal when it comes to helping librarians and library staff deliver the best library-user experiences (BLUE) to their communities. Success for our customers, and for us, happens on the front line all day, every day.”

“I simply can’t state strongly enough how pleased we are with the exemplary support from [SaaS] AND all of Customer Support. SirsiDynix is an amazing partner. You have always helped [us], but this effort, this success, this is really special.”

-current customer

An increasingly vital “front line” for our customers is system and data security, which Scott recognizes as “Non-negotiable.” That’s why he hired Ben Card, our SirsiDynix information security officer in 2013. Ben helped formalize and improve SirsiDynix’s existing policies and procedures for auditing, software controls, and monitoring. Ben has also spearheaded policy changes that earned SirsiDynix the NIST SP800-53 and ISO 27001 security certifications.

Scott and his team work hard to support SirsiDynix customers and help libraries accomplish their goals. All in all we think Customer Support and SaaS is a pretty great team. 


Anna Christiansen
Associate Marketing Writer