No matter how many sites you have, SirsiDynix gives your consortium the administrative control it needs while preserving the individuality of each site. Regardless of how many types of libraries in your consortium, you have both power and flexibility with SirsiDynix.

Library Systems

for Consortia

BLUEcloud is the next generation of library software—a modern, multitenant, cloud-based system built to meet your needs. With BLUEcloud you can finish your work even faster with a fresh user interface designed for efficiency, flexibility, and an optimized workflow—all from the cloud.
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As a cornerstone of your library Symphony connects your patrons, students, faculty, and staff librarians. With robust functionality, flexible hosting options, speedy checkout workflows, and APIs and web services for customization, you can tailor Symphony to all of your organization's needs. And with SymphonyWeb, all you need is an internet connection because you can access your ILS via your browser.
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Administration that fits you

Build institutional hierarchies for even the most complex library systems, and create resource sharing groups from any sites in the consortium. However your library system is organized, BLUEcloud will support it.

Powerful staff tools

Each BLUEcloud app supports granular permissions for all your institutions. Bundle your custom settings into a staff role that you can assign to any user, and then complete work quickly using drag-and-drop tools and intuitive browser-based interfaces.

Enhanced reporting

BLUEcloud Analytics harvests even the largest data sets in minutes, giving you dynamic, easy-to-read reports to share with your consortium. And with custom reports and automatic distribution on your side, showing your consortium’s value is easier than ever.

Promote individuality

Even when you manage all your sites in one place, you can give each member library its own identity. With BLUEcloud discovery tools, each site can customize its online catalog, mobile app and more with unique branding and themes.