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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting libraries across the world. We have brought together resources from topic and industry experts, fellow librarians, and SirsiDynix staff to help prepare your library, your community, and your ILS. Information regarding COVID-19 is rapidly changing and we are working to curate the most up-to-date content in an effort to help keep you informed. We will continue to add to our Covid-19 webinar series to help you support your staff and community, We’ll be sharing resources from across the web, from social media, giving you new tips on ways to enhance your services, and even changes you can make to your ILS.

BaseCamp Discussion Group | Reopening Your Library

This ILS agnostic Basecamp group for global library staff is intended to become a vibrant community of ideas and sharing. This space is open to current SirsiDynix customers, and all librarians worldwide. Feel free to share questions, information, links, documents, videos, etc.

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We will continue to add to the list of resources each week for easy reference:

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General Apac & Emea Resources

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COVID-19 Webinar Series

Episode 8 2020.06.17

Covid-19: Preparing and Implementing Tools to Reopen Post Stay-At-Home-Order – Part 1

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View Blog Posts: Preparing and Implementing Tools to Re-Open Post Quarantine 1-3
Post 1 | Post 2 |  Post 3

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