Make the most of your library technology by working with a SirsiDynix consultant. With decades of combined experience, our consultants can help you configure your software to benefit both your staff and your users.

Go-live consulting visits

Keep your go-live week under control by having a SirsiDynix consultant onsite. During this time, the agenda is up to you: your consultant can answer staff questions, assist the system administrator, and prepare your team to handle day-to-day tasks using your new software.


If you’re new to SirsiDynix, make your transition even smoother through the SureStart program. Starting after your go-live, you’ll have your choice of 3 to 12 months of regular consulting calls, moving from weekly to monthly as you get your footing. You set the agenda for each SureStart call, so you can make the most of your consulting time.


Working on a large project with your SirsiDynix software? Get help from a SirsiDynix consultant with a series of SureSailing phone calls. Share all your questions with your dedicated consultant, and get detailed, researched answers on each call. From planning to execution, SureSailing will help you stay on track.

API subscription

Design your own solutions for SirsiDynix programs with an API subscription. Get started on APIs with powerful software, an introductory workshop, and complete API documentation. To keep your knowledge sharp, you can also participate in an API web forum and listserv, as well as quarterly API webinars.

Custom consulting and programming

If you need to customize your system but don’t have time to do it yourself, just talk to a SirsiDynix consultant. Our team can design and implement database changes, data imports and exports, and API integrations between your system and other software. With consultants working on solutions for you, you’ll save time both now and in the future.