BLUEcloud Course Lists

Collaborate with academic staff to create a one-stop shop for students and enable staff to create resource lists for each course they teach. Instructors can organize materials for each week and list whether resources are required or optional, ensuring that students always have access to the materials they need for academic success.

Work Directly With Students

BLUEcloud Course Lists gives students easy access to required course materials improving academic success and ensuring the library continues to be a fundamental part of the student journey.

Make it easy for academics

Using the browser instructors can find and select resources from across the web and with a few clicks they can add it to the course list. From resources like websites and OER to more traditional resources like books and journal articles; no matter what they find it’s easy to incorporate resources into the course. Once items are added, library staff can quickly collaborate with academics to ensure resources are ready and available.

Expand Your Catalog

Working directly with your academics, your library staff will have reports on list resources, ensuring they have the right number of resources to meet student demand.