Community Engagement Platform

CEP consolidates your marketing efforts and delivers unified,
consistent messaging and design to your patrons with data from your ILS.

Consortia Permissions

Depending on how branches within a consortium are used, CEP ensures marketing staff can see only what they need. Of course, admins can see all patron records if needed, but consortia permissions can broaden or narrow down access for certain branches.

All Email Addresses

The Community Engagement Platform allows for all members of a family to have their records inside of CEP Marketing. Even if the family shares the same email address for the parents and children, you can find them in CEP Marketing and email them as individuals.

Automatic Patron Updates

Because of CEP’s tight integration with the ILS, patron information is stored within CEP’s database. This means CEP will automatically update patron information in conjunction with your ILS, so you don’t have to go back and forth between the two.

The Community

Engagement Platform

The Community Engagement Platform (CEP) is a one-of-a-kind library marketing tool built with your needs in mind. Combine data from your ILS to strengthen and empower your library’s marketing.

Segmented, Targeted Messaging

CEP helps you organize and publish event programming, send targeted emails like newsletters based on patron demographics or interests and ensure your brand messaging maintains a consistent look and feel across all communication.

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Creating and sending an email has never been easier with CEP’s new email editor. Drag-and-drop functionality lets you easily add and edit content blocks to your emails. If you’re not sure where to start, custom branded, professional email templates are ready for you—just plug in your content and send. You can send newsletters, announcements, event promotions, or updates to your members intuitively and quickly.


Connect more meaningfully with your patrons, boost open rates, and hone your marketing with Segments. Utilizing complex queries and filtering, Segments ensures your messages find the right people.


Perhaps the most powerful part of CEP, Campaigns creates rich experiences for your patrons. CEP’s flexible campaign builder offers an easy, intuitive way to create anything from a simple campaign—like sending out a newsletter—to more complex, multistage campaigns with configurable wait stages, triggers, and A/B testing.

Landing Pages

Create effective marketing campaigns using forms or surveys with CEP 2.0’s new landing page feature. An intuitive WYSIWYG editor allows you to maintain your organization’s branding and create a landing page that delivers the exact message you want your patrons to see.


The Forms tool allows you to make surveys to get feedback or data directly from your patrons. Any form you create will seamlessly integrate with CEP’s landing page feature, meaning your marketing campaign will maintain a united look and feel with your library’s branding.


CEP’s powerful reporting tool offers accurate, specific insight into your patrons activities and interests. Easily track website activity, messaging engagement, and event program attendance to find the data you’re looking for.