Community Engagement Platform

CEP consolidates your marketing efforts and delivers unified,
consistent messaging and design to your patrons with data from your ILS.

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Unified & Consistent Marketing

Keep all your messaging with the same fonts, images, colors in your emails, calendars, and events, so your brand can maintain a unity for your entire online presence.

From One Place

Consolidate and streamline your marketing tools and processes into one intuitive platform, from your calendar to registrations, emails, room bookings, and analytics.

All with Data from Your ILS

Easily create segmented, dynamic lists of patrons with data from directly with your ILS and market to the specific needs and wants of your patrons without having to import or export.

The Community

Engagement Platform

The Community Engagement Platform (CEP) is a one-of-a-kind library marketing tool built with your needs in mind. Combine data from your ILS to strengthen and empower your library’s marketing.

Segmented, Targeted Messaging

CEP helps you organize and publish event programming, send targeted emails like newsletters based on patron demographics or interests and ensure your brand messaging maintains a consistent look and feel across all communication.

Event Management

Use smart lists, calendars, and event and room bookings to engage with your patrons and entire community using data from your ILS. With reports from CEP, you can understand how your patrons interact with your marketing.




Your library’s custom branded, templates are ready for you. Just plug in your content and send targeted emails like newsletters, announcements, event promotions, or updates based on patron demographics or activity.

Smart Lists

Smart lists are living lists of patrons built from your ILS data. Smart Lists filter and organize your patrons into categories that work for you, such as activity level or demographics. This allows you to send specific, targeted emails to the patrons that are most likely to engage with your content.


Create your own calendar that displays all the activities, programs, and exciting things happening at your library. When viewing your calendar, patrons can filter their search by event title, description, day, month, or week. Patrons can easily import your events directly into their calendars!


CEP Bookings create rooms for your events, set capacities, locations, and add maps. All event information can be accessible on the calendar, making it as easy as possible for patrons to get the information they need in order to attend.

Event Registration & Ticketing

Create the event, post it to the calendar, then track registrants and attendance. Registration & Ticketing gives you a simple way to create ticket types, prices, and availability for your events. Event registrants receive an email with a QR code so that staff can easily check them in at the door.

Performance Reports

For each email and event, see how it did and use this insight to influence how you plan and implement your next campaign. With CEP you can truly know how your digital marketing and programming is performing.