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At SirsiDynix, we believe in the work that you do for your communities every day. We know that your success is crucial, and we want to ensure that provide software and services to make that possible.


Library Automation is crucial to libraries today, typical modules include as acquisition, cataloging, and circulation.

Discovery lets your patrons find your library, search for relevant materials and services, and use, reserve, or checkout those materials.

Having a marketing plan in place can help you better engage with your community, understand what they are looking for, and generate more traffic and circulation in your library.

The prevalence of mobile technology makes having a mobile app a must for libraries today, and that app should give your end users the best mobile library experience possible.

Library Type

BLUEcloud is more than just a powerful library services platform, it brings you the tools you need to offer digital resources and services, simplify your staff’s workflows, and support your library’s vision

With apps for digital resource management, mobile discovery, and everything in between, BLUEcloud Campus gives you the tools you need to help students discover research skills and professors excel in their field.

With a wealth of resources gathered in one place, you can empower students of all ages, BLUEcloud gives students and teachers the tools they need to excel.

BLUEcloud gives your consortium the administrative control, balance, and flexibility it needs while preserving the individuality of each site.

Each special library has its own unique goals and challenges—BLUEcloud can help you meet your goals and show your value.

Library Systems

The BLUEcloud Library Services Platform is a next-generation LSP that allows your library to do more for less—less hardware, less maintenance, and less cost.

BLUEcloud Campus is a next-generation library services platform that brings all your resources and staff tools to the cloud.

SirsiDynix Symphony® is a proven, robust ILS for the next generation in library technology.

SirsiDynix Horizon™ is a foundational part of the BLUEcloud LSP giving you the stability of Horizon and the power of BLUEcloud all in one place.

EOS.Web is an integrated library system designed specifically for special libraries that delivers the flexibility and scalability to support knowledge management across all industries.


With BLUEcloud Acquisitions you will be able to connect to your vendors to find the best prices, connect your fund categories in an organized hierarchy, and even connect with other libraries in your consortium.

BLUEcloud Analytics brings enterprise-class reporting to your library using flexible reports and powerful visualizations so you can make informed, evidence-based decisions for your library.

BLUEcloud Cataloging brings copy cataloging to the cloud, so you can work smarter and faster, and offers a browser-based interface so you can work from anywhere.

Through a single login, you can launch and manage all of your BLUEcloud products from one place, saving administrative headaches and boosting productivity in BLUEcloud Central.

BLUEcloud Circulation comes equipped with a beautiful, intuitive interface and will manage your checkins, checkouts, holds, and more from any device with an internet connection.

With BLUEcloud Commerce, your users can easily make credit and debit card payments online, at the circulation desk, or on the go from their personal mobile devices.

With BLUEcloud Course Lists professors can push their syllabus titles automatically into course reserves, and when students can find reserve items directly from their library accounts your reserves desk will run faster than ever.

BLUEcloud eRM, powered by CORAL, breaks down your complex electronic resources and subscriptions into records that are as easy to manage as the rest of your catalog.

BLUEcloud Lists will allow you to show off your recommendations and save time on your everyday tasks, by being both a curation app and the Launchpad for many of your LSP workflows.

BLUEcloud Mobile2 delivers extensive access to your library in a beautiful, intuitive app that brings your library directly into the hands of your patrons.

BLUEcloud Serials will organize your physical publications alongside your library’s other materials so you can easily get your users the information they need all in one place.

Using the power of linked data, BLUEcloud Visibility+ gives your library its next greatest advocate: search engines.

The SirsiDynix Community Engagement Platform (CEP) combines marketing automation with data from your ILS crafted to strengthen and empower your library’s marketing efforts.

From themes and pages to collections and search settings, your library can customize nearly every part of the SirsiDynix Enterprise discovery tool. Gather all your resources together in your own unique catalog, and create the ideal search experience for your users.

eResource Central (eRC) unites all your library’s digital content in your online catalog by integrating with more content providers than any other digital content management tool.

Take your library’s circulation anywhere with MobileStaff and help your patrons check out items, register users, process holds, and perform inventory without being tethered to your desk.

Combining the functionality of Workflows, the Symphony client, with the convenience of a browser, SymphonyWeb lets you use your ILS from the cloud. Completely browser-based, SymphonyWeb gives your staff flexibility and reduces maintenace overhead with updates applied once for all users.

APIs enable your library to get at the core of your Symphony ILS. With developer-level API access you can modify your solution to function the way you want. With web services, your solutions are able to perform the way your users expect.