SirsiDynix Fast Facts

Question: What’s the deal with the name SirsiDynix?
Answer: It's the result of a merger.

Question: What about the name BLUEcloud?
Answer: BLUE is an acronym. It stands for Best Library User Experience.

Comment: You guys kinda do a lot of webinars.
Response: Oh buddy, don’t we know.

Got a few questions about SD? We’ve got your infographic right here.

Mission: SirsiDynix believes in the power of libraries. Our mission is to help libraries thrive and flourish. For over 35 years, we have provided library software and services to libraries of all types and sizes. Our progressive solutions empower librarians everywhere and help them better serve their communities.

Sirsi Founded: 1979 in Alabama
Dynix Founded: 1983 in Utah
Nickname: SD
Employees: 350

4,700+ customers in more than 70 countries
1 million+ digital content downloads
1.3 billion circulations
1.7 billion searches

Our Employees
Our Employees have lots of experience and love their work
4.1 Glassdoor employee rating
97% CEO approval rating
Average Tenure
Companywide: 9.08 Average Years
Library Relations Managers: 17.1 years
Professional Services: 14.6
Support: 9.62 years
SaaS Cloud: 9.53 years

What you can expect from our SaaS team: 99.95% uptime
2,000 SaaS customers
3,000 Hosted Environments
12,000 Monitored Services

1,300+ Instructor-led courses taught each year
16,000+ self-paced courses taken in online learning system

100+ Webinars held each year
2,600 hours of recorded webinars viewed


Anna Christiansen
Associate Marketing Writer