BLUEcloud Campus

Your library offers nearly limitless amounts of valuable information—how can you help your users find them?

BLUEcloud Campus is a next-generation library services platform that brings all your resources and staff tools to the cloud. With powerful apps for discovery, resource management, and fulfillment, you can efficiently run your library and spend more time on what matters most: connecting your users to the materials they need.

Electronic and physical together
Manage your electronic resources alongside your physical items. With apps like BLUEcloud eRM and eResource Central, you can cut through the complexities of digital content and keep track of licensing and workflows.
A modern cloud-based system
BLUEcloud Campus runs from your browser, so you can work from any computer with an Internet connection. And since the software is distributed over the cloud, you don’t have to plan your LSP upgrades in advance. When you log in after an update, you can use the new version immediately.
Streamlined processes
Finish your work faster with the highly integrated apps in BLUEcloud Campus. For instance, professors can create reading lists in BLUEcloud Lists and then automatically place available materials on course reserve.
Configuration for any library system
No matter the size of your library system or resource-sharing group, BLUEcloud Campus adapts to your needs. Set the right permissions with ease through institution hierarchies, and connect any library to your ILL system through BLUEcloud or NCIP.
Open and extensible
BLUEcloud Campus is a truly open system, powered by Web Services that can extend almost anywhere. With this flexible architecture, vendors and customers alike can develop integrations and solutions quickly, giving you the most options for your library system.
Discovery Resource Management
Target your users where they are: web, mobile, and social media. Take control of physical and digital resources in one streamlined interface.
Marketplace Fulfillment
Manage metadata, ordering, and revenue streams for your library. Deliver all your resources with ease, even outside your library's walls.