Meet the Team

Berit Nelson

Vice President of Library Relations

For Berit Nelson, the pursuit of library science began on the path to law school when she talked to a law librarian and found herself drawn to the information side of the industry. Perhaps serendipitously – we like to think so – her plans detoured once again in the library science program when she found herself gravitating more toward the automation and programming courses.

The rest was history, and she’s been bridging specialties every since, translating library needs into SirsiDynix action items to improve the way libraries function.

“Our job with customers is so interactive – working with them to find smarter, more creative ways to serve their communities. I find it very fulfilling.”

Kathi Adams

Senior Library Relations Manager (North America)

Kathi Adams, currently a senior library relations manager, joined SirsiDynix in 1993. During her time with the company, she has held multiple positions in SirsiDynix operations and sales, but says library relations has been her favorite role of her career so far. Kathi has 17 years of library industry experience.

Reed Farnsworth

Knowledge Base Analyst

When appointed to his new position as knowledge base analyst, Reed Farnsworth already had an idea of where to start his work. As a former trainer and member of the client care and documentation teams - and before that, a math and science teacher - he knows a thing or two about answering questions. 

"As a teacher, you learn that you don't want to explain so clearly that it can be understood. Rather, you want to make information so clear that it cannot be misunderstood. That's what I want with the knowledge base."

Reed works to ensure that when a customer searches the knowledge base, they don't get overwhelmed with too many results, or too few, but find just the answer they need.

Ron Steckler

Education Consultant

As a member of the SirsiDynix education services team, Ron Steckler takes pride in being part of the implementations process for new and existing library customers. In conjunction with a team of top-notch project managers and data experts, Ron works to ensure library staff are prepared to successfully use their software from day one.

Having worked as a school library specialist and in SirsiDynix customer support, project management, and consulting, Ron understands the day-to-day activities of a library to put the training in context.

“I think the librarians really appreciate the depth of experience of our trainers. I’ve had people come back to me afterward and thank us for the extra time spent answering their questions.”

Ken Bonney

Director of Sales, EOS International

Much like the librarians he serves, Ken Bonney is a fanatical record keeper. Over his 12 years in the industry, he can tell you he’s traveled 615,000 miles and spent 869 nights in hotels for SirsiDynix libraries. He can list the cities they’re in, and — after consulting his detailed folders of documentation — recite back minute details of individual visits, often down to the name of the sandwich he ordered for lunch. He may even tell you the name of the sandwich you ordered.

The most common experience documented among his 201 (and counting) training visits, however, is the one that keeps him going:

"People want to be reassured that they can do it; they want to have the confidence that they can do it. I’m the guy that ’s going to stay until you show me you can."

Pam Arnold

Senior Library Relations Manager (North America)

Though her official title is senior library relations manager, Pam Arnold thinks of her work as library advocacy. As for her day-to-day responsibilities, it’s all based on the immediate needs of the libraries she serves.

"No two libraries are alike. Each library is an individual, and so their needs are, too."

Perhaps the one exception to this, she says, is that all libraries want to give their users the best service they can give them. This is a goal Pam shares with her libraries. As a result, every day – like every library – is a little different. But Pam wouldn’t have it any other way.