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Date Webinar Title Type/Series Product
06 Sep 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: Email Search Horizon Ninja Horizon
01 Sep 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Original Cataloging in Symphony Symphony Ninja
23 Aug 2016 Tips & Tricks Special Edition: Google Analytics Tips and Tricks
23 Aug 2016 Inspired Team: How to create a motivating workplace and engage your employees Library Professional Series
18 Aug 2016 Campus Connection: Where your Campus and Catalog Meet The Campus Tour Campus Connection
11 Aug 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Item Group Editor in Symphony Symphony Ninja Symphony
04 Aug 2016 Library Linked Data on the Open Web Other
01 Aug 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: Cataloging Work Forms Horizon Ninja Horizon
28 Jul 2016 BLUEcloud eRM—Comprehensive Organization of all your eResources The Campus Tour BLUEcloud eRM
27 Jul 2016 BLUEcloud Visiblity—The Visible Advantage Other BLUEcloud Visibility