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Date Webinar Title Type/Seriessort descending Product
26 Sep 2017 eResource Central Overview Product Overview eResource Central
08 Jun 2016 Tips & Tricks: Introduction to Mentor 2.0 Tips and Tricks
10 Mar 2016 BLUEcloud Lists Overview Product Overview BLUEcloud Lists
21 Feb 2018 Advocacy in Public and Private Institutions Library Professional Series
01 Sep 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Original Cataloging in Symphony Symphony Ninja
14 Nov 2014 Searching Tips in Horizon Tips and Tricks Horizon
22 Nov 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: EDI Ordering Horizon Ninja Horizon
15 Jun 2015 How Secure Is Your System? Library Professional Series
28 Feb 2017 Make Your OPAC Pop: Syndetics Unbound Other
14 Oct 2015 New Management Realities for Special Libraries Library Professional Series