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Date Webinar Title Type/Series Product
22 Nov 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: EDI Ordering Horizon Ninja Horizon
16 Nov 2016 Marketing on a Shoestring Library Professional Series
10 Nov 2016 Horizon 360: Intermediate Circulation Other Horizon
09 Nov 2016 Tips & Tricks: KIOSK Mode in MobileCirc Tips and Tricks MobileCirc
03 Nov 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Notice Reports Symphony Ninja Symphony
01 Nov 2016 MobileCirc Product Overview Product Overview MobileCirc
18 Oct 2016 Horizon Ninja Series: PAC Flavors, Search Order Horizon Ninja Horizon
13 Oct 2016 BLUEcloud ILL: The BLUEcloud Campus Solution for Streamlined Resource-Sharing The Campus Tour BLUEcloud Campus
05 Oct 2016 Horizon 360: Beginning Circulation Horizon 360 Horizon
06 Oct 2016 Symphony Ninja Series: Configure Z39.50 Symphony Ninja Symphony