Meet your Library Relations Manager

SirsiDynix is all about libraries, and our Library Relations Managers are at the heart of it all. Every SirsiDynix customer—no matter where they are or what their size—has an LRM. This LRM will personally see that they are leveraging their technology to its fullest potential and are aware of every opportunity to learn, share, and contribute. LRMs serve an important role for the company as well, ensuring that region-specific needs are understood and incorporated into future product releases and service offerings.

The LRM team consists of librarians and experienced staff and is directed by Berit Nelson, MLS, who has advocated for SirsiDynix customers for more than 20 years. These are people who know the company and the challenges libraries face.

As a SirsiDynix customer, your Library Relations Manager will:

  • Maximize your current technology investments. By working with customers to review their system utilization, LRMs help libraries understand their technology's full capabilities so they can provide world-class service to their end users while maximizing staff efficiency.
  • Orchestrate internal resources to ensure SirsiDynix provides excellent services during complex customer projects. By complementing SirsiDynix's support, sales, and service organizations, LRMs understand customer challenges and ensure that when a library is engaged in a project that involves multiple departments, everyone's resources are used efficiently and the results are successful.
  • Represent customers and their specific needs internally as they impact technology roadmaps and future service offerings. LRMs work with their customers to understand and define emerging concerns and service goals that should influence planning for new SirsiDynix services or product roadmaps.
  • Engage with customer libraries, keeping them up-to-date on SirsiDynix plans, upcoming trainings, user group meetings, conferences and other opportunities to learn and participate. There are hundreds of webinars, regional user group meetings and other opportunities for customers to learn and interact with colleagues and SirsiDynix staff. LRMs keep you in the know about the company happenings and these opportunities as they arise.

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Kathi Adams

Director of Library Relations

Kathi Adams, currently a senior library relations manager, joined SirsiDynix in 1993. During her time with the company, she has held multiple positions in SirsiDynix operations and sales, but says library relations has been her favorite role of her career so far. Kathi has 22 years of library industry experience.

Vera Maeser

Library Relations Manager (North America)

Vera Maeser joined SirsiDynix after its merger with DRA, and has been working for the combined company since 1987. Before assuming her current position as library relations manager for North America library customers, she was a member of the client care team. Vera earned her MLS degree from Case Western Reserve University and has 10 years of experience working as a cataloger in academic and special libraries.

Pam Arnold

Senior Library Relations Manager (North America)

Though her official title is senior library relations manager, Pam Arnold thinks of her work as library advocacy. As for her day-to-day responsibilities, it’s all based on the immediate needs of the libraries she serves.

"No two libraries are alike. Each library is an individual, and so their needs are, too."

Perhaps the one exception to this, she says, is that all libraries want to give their users the best service they can give them. This is a goal Pam shares with her libraries. As a result, every day – like every library – is a little different. But Pam wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lisa Witteman

Senior Library Relations Manager (North America)

Lisa Witteman joined SirsiDynix client care in 1994. Prior to her current role as library relations manager, she served as trainer, team leader, training coordinator, and technical product manager. Lisa has 23 years of experience in the library industry.

Janet Klutho

Library Relations Manager (North America)

Janet Klutho joined SirsiDynix when it merged with Data Research Associates and has worked at the combined company since 1986. Prior to her position as a library relations manager, she was a software tester and a trainer. She has an MLS from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and has experience working in academic libraries for six years.

Nicki Lake

Library Relations Manager (EMEA)

Nicki Lake joined SirsiDynix in 2005, and worked as a member of the client care team and in implementations and customer training before assuming her current role as library relations manager. Prior to joining SirsiDynix, Nicki worked for eight years in academic libraries in a variety of roles from academic liaison to project management and system implementation. Nicki holds a master of arts in librarianship from the University of Sheffield.

Zichun Liu

Library Relations Manager (Asia/Pacific)

Zichun Liu holds a master's degree in librarianship from Monash University and has been working with SirsiDynix over 10 years. Zichun has extensive experience in the Unicorn/Symphony system and currently assists customers in her role as Library Relation Manager. Her previous roles at SirsiDynix include manager of China customer care, trainer, and sales consultant.

Roger Hammersley

Library Relations Manager (EMEA)

Roger Hammersley joined SirsiDynix in 1999. His previous roles in SirsiDynix include Customer Support Librarian, Training Manager and Trainer/Consultant. Prior to joining SirsiDynix, Roger qualified as a professional librarian in 1988 and worked in public libraries and as a college librarian. Roger holds a Bachelor of Arts in Information and Library Management from Northumbria University.

Steve Donoghue

Senior Library Relations Manager

Steve Donoghue, currently a Senior Library Relations Manager, Canada & Alaska joined SirsiDynix in 1988 (with Dynix UK). During his time with the company Steve has held a number of positions including Library Consultant, Senior Sales Representative and VP Sales, Canada and Alaska before joining the Library Relations Manager team in 2014. Steve has extensive experience with Dynix, Horizon and Symphony.

Steve holds a BA Honors Librarianship from the UK has 6 years practical experience working in public libraries.  Overall Steve has more than 30 years library industry experience in the UK and Canada.

Throughout his career Steve’s primary goals are to be a good listener, see things from the customer’s perspective, understand needs and challenges, provide useful and proactive information to customers for planning purposes, be a customer advocate and facilitate speedy resolutions to any customer issues and concerns.