BLUEcloud Course Lists

Collaborate with staff to create a one-stop shop for students. BLUEcloud Course Lists will enable your academic staff to create resource lists for each course they teach. For example, professors could organize materials by week, or state whether reading is required or optional, ensuring that students have access to the materials needed for academic success. Improve your collection development and enable staff to more effectively work with the library in bringing in resources that will benefit the student body.

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Expand Your Catalog

Working directly with Academic staff, your Library staff will have reports on list resources, ensuring they have the right number of resources per students in each course.


Work Directly With Students:

By ensuring students have easy access to required course materials, you will be creating lifetime learners that will continue to interact with other valuable resources available in your library.


Simplify Your Work

Eliminate the confusion. The full integration with learning management systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle, means the students can find their course materials right where they are already looking. The ability to upload hundreds of classes, list items and more, lets you save time on the screen and spend more time working with students.