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Would you like to manage your entire eResource workflow in a single place? eResource Central® (eRC) brings all of your providers together into a unified interface and eliminates the need to redirect patrons outside the library OPAC to unfamiliar interfaces, making the entire process more comfortable for you and your users. By integrating with more eResource providers than any other digital content management tool, eRC lets users search eResources alongside physical content, see real-time availability and previews for eResources, and download most titles from within the catalog. Make your OPAC the first and last place your patrons come to find any content.

of libraries offer their users access to ebooks.
eReader and DRM Independent

Help users find the eResources that work with their eReader with device-type selectors and facets that filter titles by file type. eRC makes it easy for all users to find the exact format they need.

Unified Search

Give your community access to eResources and physical titles through the same catalog. Provide real-time availability and previews for eResources and eliminate the pain of multiple passwords.

Easy to Use

eRC allows patrons to access and download titles from eResource providers without leaving your OPAC. It allows your library to make electronic content available without the need to manually create or import MARC records.

Thousands of titles in minutes

Sync thousands of titles to your catalog in minutes. eRC automatically downloads the latest provider title information—clicking a button updates your catalog without touching MARC records.


eRC supports complex consortial eResource arrangements and allows you to easily group together any libraries with similar eResource needs. eRC also allows you to set up digital content to sync with your profiles every night automatically.

Help students and faculty access well-researched resources as easily as they could access Wikipedia. eRC allows library users to easily check availability, see previews, and download titles from within your catalog. 

Give the teachers and students that you support access to a vast array of eBooks, eVideos, and eAudio Books directly from your catalog without jumping across the internet or navigating difficult download processes. 

eRC gives you access to over 1,030,000 Gutenberg and Open Library titles. Your library can also build and share packages of the best free ebooks and audiobooks. 

eRC automatically downloads metadata for all the content you've purchased from each provider. eRC groups all of your content records in one place for easy, unified management.

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