SirsiDynix Horizon is a foundational part of the BLUEcloud LSP. With the stability of Horizon and the power of BLUEcloud, you get a new library services platform without the costs of a system migration. Even better, many of the BLUEcloud apps are included in the cost of your Horizon maintenance, so your library can always use the latest tools.

Serve your users

Horizon is powerful enough to meet all your community’s needs. With everything from fast, streamlined check-in and check-out to media scheduling and advanced materials booking, you can efficiently run your library and serve your users.

Get continuous development and support
With active development for Horizon and expert staff to assist your library, SirsiDynix plans to provide continuous support for your ILS. And since you have access to both updated ILS features and new BLUEcloud apps, Horizon is a more vibrant product than ever.
Join the community
Horizon is used by thousands of libraries worldwide, many of which participate in Horizon’s robust developer community. With Horizon’s foundation and BLUEcloud’s open architecture, libraries can create and share their own powerful solutions, making Horizon better for everyone.