SirsiDynix Horizon® is a foundational part of our BLUEcloud LSP. Horizon provides a stable, proven platform for BLUEcloud web clients like BLUEcloud Cataloging and Analytics. With the stability of Horizon and the power of BLUEcloud, you get a new Library Services Platform (LSP) without the costs of a system migration. Even better, many of the BLUEcloud web clients are included in the cost of your Horizon maintenance.

Horizon receives regular updates to core ILS features as well as completely new features through the BLUEcloud web clients. With BLUEcloud’s new APIs and Web Services, you get even greater access to your data, and Horizon’s robust developer community gets even more ways to create powerful, library-owned applications. Horizon and BLUEcloud give your library a clear path forward to web-based staff clients, powerful discovery tools, and data-driven analysis.

SirsiDynix Horizon is used by hundreds of libraries worldwide. SirsiDynix is committed to protecting our customers' investments and we plan to provide continuous support for Horizon. 

30 years
of unlimited access to Horizon SQL databases for all Horizon customers.

Horizon works well with ERes for electronic reserves, supporting any format (i.e. PDF, audio, streaming, etc). It also supports copyright clearing and Fair Use materials by passwording the course or the item. Horizon also has an SMS texting option for immediate notification to faculty and students. Horizon customers range in size from small colleges and universities to large consortiums.

Horizon is able to serve your library well to meet all your community needs. From fast, streamlined check-in and check-out processes to media scheduling and advanced materials booking, you can rest assured knowing that your users are getting the services they need. Horizon also offers patron self-service support, e-mail and SMS notice capabilities, and other patron benefits. 

Horizon's flexible in-screen design and authority control ensure that your students are able to see the materials they need in a safe environment. Rich bibliographic import facilities and strong support for electronic resources will give students all they need to excel in school. 

Take advantage of Horizon's easily-customizable Launcher to personalize your startup settings, toolbars, navigation bar, and diacritic shortcuts. Allow each library to take charge of their Horizon platform by giving them the ability to fully customize their platform environment.

For special libraries, Horizon offers multi-level security for clients and databases. Users can also take advantage of Horizon's reporting, administrative, and bibliographic features. 

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