SirsiDynix Symphony

SirsiDynix Symphony® is a proven, robust ILS for the next generation in library technology. It has all the robust functionality and customization capabilities, giving you the tools you need to run a modern library of any type or size.

With SymphonyWeb, the browser-based staff tool for Symphony, your library will no longer be dependent on desktops, upgrades, or installs. Symphony supports your staff from wherever they are.

If you’d prefer a desktop client for your staff, Symphony does that too with WorkFlows. It ensures a seamless, consistent staff experience—from acquisitions and cataloging to circulation and reporting. 


Whatever your workflows and however your patrons access the library, Symphony can support them all. Centered on workflow flexibility, if you can dream it, Symphony can do it. 

Tools like books by mail, self-service holds, materials booking, sms messaging, and more are all at your disposal.

Add SymphonyWeb, for a browser-based staff experience and your library can be untethered from library desktops. Cloud access removes the need for station-by-station software installation. Your browser always loads the most recent version.


With Symphony's expansive and granular administration options, your system can be as complex or as simple as it needs to be. Take total control over staff roles and editing privileges, with separate policies for each site and/or user. 


From volunteers to Sys Admins, Symphony has flexible policies, administration, workflows and settings for all your library roles. Get control of what goes where, when, and how. And with Symphony's bank of over 600 APIs and Web Services, you can customize your system to be the perfect fit.

SymphonyWeb provides the ability for everyone in the library to gain access to the ILS simply by using the internet. No more ties that tether you to your system computer—SymphonyWeb provides easy access.


Use intuitive interface to easily manage all your needs in between teams and roles so you can catalog materials, track budgets, manage holds, and more.