K-12 Libraries

BLUEcloud gives students and teachers the tools they need to excel. With a wealth of resources gathered in one place, you can empower students of all ages, equipping kindergarteners with the ability to explore and giving high schoolers the confidence to complete complex projects.
Friendly Discovery

BLUEcloud discovery products give students and teachers a powerful search experience with easy-to-use features. With faceted search results and optional eResource integrations, your students can find what they’re looking for even if they’re not research experts.

Intuitive Interfaces

Whether you’re an experienced school librarian or a volunteer, BLUEcloud apps are easy to learn and simple to use. Streamline your workflows with BLUEcloud Cataloging’s intuitive drag-and-drop features, and quickly manage all your library’s applications from a single interface.

Flexible Connections

Bridge the gap between your LSP and your school’s other software. With its open architecture, BLUEcloud can connect to a registrar’s site or learning management system, better integrating your library with other school functions.