What products work for special libraries?

Does your software help you increase the usage of your library? Does it help you continue to prove your value to management? Is the catalog available in ways and on devices that your users now expect?

In an era where customers turn to quick answers from the internet, you need a system that helps put your library on the map—one that helps you connect with customers and management in meaningful ways. Reports, ease of use, discoverable resources, and software flexibility all contribute to your library's value. Why consider Symphony and the upcoming BLUEcloud suite of products?

Key Benefits of Symphony and BLUEcloud for Special Libraries

  • Show your real value. With flexible reporting you have an infinite way to slice and dice information including graphs, charts, and tables that will show to management your library's value and usage. 
  • Efficiency. Symphony and the BLUEcloud LSP are the most advanced, full-featured library systems available, with everything you need for you and your staff to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Catalog Everything. With the flexibility inherent to BLUEcloud Cataloging, you can catalog anything in your library. From images, videos, PDFs, and company reports to the more obscure, rare, exclusive items unique to your library. All of these can be tagged and described in the catalog so your customers can search and easily find whatever you save to the catalog.
  • Serials Control. Manage prediction, receipt, and routing for all your serial subscriptions and let Symphony generate and maintain MARC holdings records for each volume, as well as any irregular issues.
  • Find it all—easily. Enterprise and BLUEcloud PAC make finding your items easy with the one field search that they are used to, enabled by fuzzy logic underneath to help deliver the results they expect.
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of libraries are listed as "Special" on Wikipedia. Proof that Wikipedia doesn't know everything.

Customize your catalog and OPAC to reflect the needs of your users. Both Horizon and Symphony have amazing flexibility through APIs and Web Services, and this flexibility is only going to increase as the BLUEcloud products incteract with the ILS through these tools.

SirsiDynix's BLUEcloud Campus, built on the combined Symphony infrastructure and strategic partnerships, will help you manage everything from authentication to electronic reserves, electronic resource management, link resolution and discovery to the seemingly simple checkout.

Discover how updates to SirsiDynix discovery products and EBSCO EDS let your end users pinpoint your digital and physical resources while saving your staff time and money. SirsiDynix and EBSCO are rising to the challenge of holistic discovery and collection management together.

When you have the power of Portfolio Digital collections show up alongside all others. Special features including built-in OCR for full-text searching and access control to protect special items or collections make special collections easy to share.

BLUEcloud Analytics does more than report today's numbers: it combines data over time from your ILS, OPAC, and other SirsiDynix software to give you key performance indicators for your library and community. 

From managing serials to cataloging a variety of resources, Universal Admin's flexibility allows you to take care of these and more in a single place. Still need to do more? Take care of reports, acquisitions, and searches from the same efficient interface.