Global Titles & CloudSource

Refresh your catalog with expert-created metadata. Global Titles and CloudSource will gather the best versions of bib records from resources around the world and connect them to your LSP. Best of all, both Global Titles and CloudSource will be included with any BLUEcloud subscription.

Works With: 
From discovery to acquisitions, with no dead ends

When users search for a title that you don’t own, Global Titles will still display it in your online catalog’s hit list. From this search result, patrons will be able to easily request the resource or buy it themselves.

A richer LSP at no extra cost

Grow your catalog with free bibliographic records from CloudSource, included as part of your maintenance. Even if you don’t download these records, you will still benefit from CloudSource. Global Titles will link CloudSource records into your LSP, so you will be able to create orders and selection lists without downloading the records to your catalog.

Records chosen by librarians, for librarians

CloudSource will gather bib records from the Library of Congress, libraries, and other resources worldwide and puts them to the vote. Librarians like you will choose the best versions of each record, which you can download to your database, modify, and reupload as you see fit.

Prepare for the future of library data

CloudSource will set the stage for BIBFRAME and linked data. With these advances, your resources will be able to appear in major search engines. Your users’ research may start with Google, but it will end at your library.