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Linked Data 201: How It Works

Webinar Recording | 3 November 2015

Learn more about the details of Linked Data with Linked Data 201: How It Works. Whether you’re continuing your linked data education following “Linked Data 101,” or jumping in for the first time, join us for this free 30-minute webinar to learn...

New Management Realities for Special Libraries

Webinar Recording | 16 October 2015

In a recent study, only 1/3 of corporate managers could ascribe value to their company’s library. How should special librarians respond? Special library experts Jim Matarazzo and Toby Pearlstein will give their advice in this free webinar.


Preparing for Marketplace Open Enrollment Season

Blog| 14 October 2015

November is on its way, and with it comes the Open Enrollment Period for the Health Insurance Marketplace. It can be a challenging two months at the public service desk. Patrons instinctively come to the...

Demo: Integrate Enterprise with EDS

Webinar Recording | 8 October 2015

SirsiDynix and EBSCO Information Services have worked together to help you add value to your library databases. In this free webinar, you’ll learn about the benefits of integrating SirsiDynix Enterprise with EBSCO Discovery Service, including:...

Tips & Tricks: Search Tips in Enterprise/Portfolio

Webinar Recording | 6 October 2015

Join us for a free 15-minute training webinar, hosted by an expert SirsiDynix trainer.

This webinar will show you how the search features in SirsiDynix Enterprise and Portfolio can help your users find what they need faster. During this...

Session #8: Making the Most of the MARC Editor in Horizon

Webinar Recording | 5 October 2015

Join us for a free, 15-minute webinar with Horizon guide Ken Bonney and discover how you can become a Certified Horizon Explorer!

"Making the Most of the MARC Editor" will provide you with helpful tips for efficiently using Horizon's MARC...

BLUEcloud Visibility: The Future of Library Data

Webinar Recording | 2 October 2015

Want to take advantage of linked data in your library? Find out what BLUEcloud Visibility can do for you.

You’ve heard about linked data and how it will revolutionize the world of libraries. Now find out how you can join that movement....

Linked Data 101: Introduction to Linked Data

Webinar Recording | 23 September 2015

What is linked data, and why is everyone talking about it? Join the Linked Data Crash Course to learn about the next big library technology.

Start your linked data education with Linked Data 101: Introduction to Linked Data! Join us for...

Reusable Groups in BLUEcloud Analytics

Webinar Recording | 16 September 2015

Do you need to add clarity and focus to your reports? Want to learn how BLUEcloud Analytics can help?

Then join us for a free 15-minute training webinar, hosted by...

How to Get the Most from Your Library Budget

Webinar Recording | 14 September 2015

No matter the size of your library, you can allocate your funds wisely to support your mission. In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Hussey of the Simmons School of Library and Information Science will share practical advice for managing your budget.