2017 Power of Libraries Awards Announcement

Libraries inspire us all. They are sources of knowledge and help. Every day they help change lives. SD believes in the power of libraries and we want to recognize you for the work you do every day.

Is your library doing something inspiring? Are you having success with a program in your library? Is one changing people’s life in a meaningful way? We want you to hear those stories. This year at COSUGI, we want to kick-off our new annual celebration of libraries! It’s kind of like the Academy Awards, but more inspiring, tear-jerking, and won’t involve long gowns and high-heels. (Unless you would like to wear a gown, in which case, please feel free. We know a great gown shop!) No, these awards will be full of meaning and give us all a chance to celebrate the amazing work that libraries are doing.

Fill out our online form and submit a story that you believe deserves to be recognized. Sharing your stories could inspire another library to do the same. Submit your stories by September 31 for a chance to be recognized at COSUGI 2018.

We believe in the power of libraries. We believe in you. Let us know what makes your library amazing so that we can celebrate your success.

Still curious? Here’s an FAQ for more deets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the deadline to submit my story?

We will be taking story submissions until September 30th.

What are the details for the criteria of the award?

We want to hear stories about how programs at your library are helping to bring about change in your community. If you have a specific person or instance that you feel is inspiring, that’s what we want to know. We want to know what the program is, what it does, and how it’s helping.

Is there a limit to the number of stories a library can submit?

No, if you have a few stories to tell that are specific to a program or person, go ahead and submit. The more inspiring stories we can share, the better.

Is there an email address to send supporting information in PDF or other format?

Yes, please email any additional questions to

When will the recipients be notified?

We will notify the recipients by October 31st.

Will these stories be shared publicly, and if so, will specific names be shared?

We would love the opportunity to share your story, but we will be sure to check in with you first. Also, if there are specific people named in your story that would rather remain anonymous, we can change their name when we publish it.

What if I would like to edit an entry I have already submitted?

Need to make a correction to a story or add in updated information? No problem! Feel free to email us at and let us know which story was yours, and what information you would like to fix or add!

A library I want to nominate isn’t a SirsiDynix customer, can I still nominate them?

We are hoping to incorporate this into future years, but this year the awards will be limited to libraries using SD products. However, the winners will be announced at COSUGI 2018, so we hope a representative might be able to attend.