Charity, GoPro, and Cats: Recent Library Happenings

August 20th, 2015

As summer reading programs come to a close and librarians gear up for the upcoming school year and new projects, it’s nice to stop and smile at the fun, creative, and charitable ways that librarians and patrons have been staying busy.

Whether it’s . . .

  • A tiny patron expressing remorse for ripping the page of a precious library book
  • A school librarian going to great, creative lengths to remind students of library policies
  • Nearly achieving a stereotypical librarian dream of gaining a cat as your library mascot
  • Patrons making pit-stops at book mailboxes to pick out their next read
  • Using a GoPro camera to document the journey of a book once it’s checked in
  • Or librarians and patrons raising money to send 50 pounds of books from Virginia to children in South Africa

. . . we love to hear how libraries are involved with their patrons and communities near and far.

For all the hats they wear—from program manager to conflict resolver, budgeter extraordinaire, or donator—our favorite trait of librarians is their passion for what they do.

We can’t wait to see what’s up your sleeves next.