Connections Summit FAQ

November 5th, 2018

Caitlin Thomas

Associate Marketing Writer

You are invited to attend the SirsiDynix Connections Summit!

Connections Summit is a free, online conference for you and your staff- even those who are not customers of SirsiDynix. It features hot topics in librarianship, how to overcome issues or concerns that you face, and more! Prepare to learn, be inspired, and even entertained! Sessions are fast-paced and concise with most being 15 minutes or less. Spread the word- you and all of your colleagues are invited!

Here are the dates:

November 13th- Opening Day, open to all libraries, even those who are not customers of SirsiDynix
November 14th- Symphony Day, for customers using Symphony
November 15th- Horizon Day, for customers using Horizon
November 16th- EOS.Web Day, for customers using EOS.Web

Register at sirsidynix.com/summit

Still have questions? Here’s an FAQ!

1. What if I can only come to a part of Connections Summit?

Don’t worry, you can come and go throughout the day. Sign up and watch the entire broadcast or drop in when you need to if you have other conflicts. Check out our agenda online to find the sessions that most apply to you and your library and tune in just for those! All sessions will be recorded for on-demand viewing in the coming weeks after Connections as well.

2. What will I get out of attending?

Connections Summit is jam-packed with great presentations and speakers, both inside and outside of librarianship. Here’s who you can expect to hear from

  • David Lee King, Digital Services Director
  • Jason Griffey, Librarian, Technologist, and Speaker
  • Michael Stephens, Associate Professor, San Jose State University
  • Lance Werner, Library Journal’s 2017 Librarian of the Year
  • John Chratska, Founder of EveryLibrary
  • Christopher Foster, VP Business Development at Modern Postcard, UCSD Extension Marketing Instructor
  • Bill Davison, Chief Executive Officer, SirsiDynix
  • Berit Nelson, Chief Product Officer, SirsiDynix
  • And many more!

In addition, SirsiDynix will be providing Continuing Education Certificates for everyone that attends and views the Connections Summit sessions.

Check out our online agenda to learn more about what topics will be presented.

3. What should I expect to hear and see when I attend?

Each session has been specifically crafted to address problems and concerns that you or your library face today. There will be prizes and giveaways happening throughout the day. You will have the chance to win a new TV/Tablet for your library, gift cards, or you may even have GrubHub delivered right to your door!

4. Does Connections Summit have a registration fee?

No, Connections Summit is completely free and open to anyone who wishes to participate.

5. Who can attend Connections Summit?

For Opening Day on November 13th, 2018, we welcome all libraries across the globe and their employees and volunteers to attend. We welcome both customers and non-customers of SirsiDynix to attend Opening Day. Customers of SirsiDynix will find the Symphony, Horizon, and EOS.Web days will be of most value and are invited to those sessions if they are using one of those platforms.

All library staff is invited!