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EOS.Web Cataloging provides simplified yet powerful functionality to manage a library’s bibliographic, authority, and item records. Its unmatched flexibility enables libraries to create a database of information that is tailored to their organization, thus improving access to information.

Useful links enable librarians to gain access to cataloger’s reference tools, (e.g., Library of Congress’ Cataloger’s Desktop), and to download records from a bibliographic utility or CD-ROM database product in MARC format, thus improving cataloging efficiency.

EOS.Web supports the Bibliographic and Authority standards in both the MARC21 and OCLC MARC formats. This functionality means that you can import authority records such as new Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) from authorities like the National Library of Medicine and have the EOS.Web system automatically updates the linked bibliographic records. The flexible cataloging module also provides the ability for you to customize the MARC rules themselves, in addition to the ability to add text descriptions to MARC records and have that text be fully searchable. The 13 digit ISBN format is built into the module.

Customizable Catalog Database Content

The EOS.Web Catalog database is completely customizable to your collection. The bibliographic index building process accepts custom taxonomies, any MARC field, or any identifiable portion thereof that can be identified for inclusion in the index. Customizable data entry templates are also provided. Additionally, you can:

  • Easily customize the status of items in the catalog, including whether or not the item is OPAC viewable status or password only accessible
  • Identify custom cross-references and authority files
  • Enter unlimited notes for entry of custom taxonomy information such as table of contents, book jacket or back cover, or blurbs from a video jacket
  • Create a group of custom research materials and make them available for searching, such as in-house created titles, new fiction titles list, new children’s title list, or special cataloging record set

Customizable and Personalizable Security Settings

The EOS.Web system provides for extensive security restrictions including restrictions on operators who are allowed to add, delete, or modify the bibliographic record.  You can additionally place restrictions on whether the database, collection, or item should be viewable by the public.  Only authorized operators are allowed to add or change authority file entries.

Customizable Authority Control

Full MARC Authority records as defined by Library of Congress standards are easily handled, however, EOS.Web also provides customizable authority files for desired fields (e.g., personal and corporate names, series, and subject headings) as well as for all defined cross-references for each.

Authority files permit appropriate “see” and “see also” cross-references to be displayed, indexed and maintained. Additionally, the Library can establish and maintain broader, narrower, related, earlier, later, etc. headings and references enabling protection against circular and blind “see” and “see also” cross-references.