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Course Reserves

EOS.Web Course Reserves enhances the academic library’s ability to provide an all-inclusive automated e-reserve solution.

Promoting Productivity and Efficiency

EOS.Web Course Reserves enhances the academic library’s ability to provide an all-inclusive automated e-reserve solution. Course Reserves makes it possible for knowledge managers to successfully meet the needs of their patrons and streamline the entire course reserves process, resulting in significant increases in library staff productivity. Course Reserves empowers both the library staff and its patrons to access, enter, and update course information quickly and easily.

The Library staff’s responsibility of managing course records, course links, and granting administrative access to instructors so they can edit their course and class records is made significantly easier with EOS.Web Course Reserves:

  • Add one or more class records to a course record
  • Reserve items for a course or for individual classes
  • Add media links to a course or individual classes
  • Library staff and the assigned instructor can manage reserves links
  • Run detailed Course Listing reports: limited by class start and end dates, sorted by course name/number, and options to include/exclude reserved items

With EOS.Web Course Reserves, instructors have the freedom to view their classes and reserve collection items, view and remove reserved items from their classes, and view and remove media links from outside the library collection, e.g. images and class documents (tests, answer sheets, study guides, URLs, and audio lectures). Instructors have any time, anywhere access to their classes, so they can make real-time updates to class materials.

Students can effortlessly search for their classes, review reserved materials, and access media through the Course Search option in EOS.Web OPAC. “My Classes” is a special feature in the Course Reserves module that allows instructors and students to view their specific class and course information after the class record has been updated with the instructor and student roster by the library staff.

EOS.Web Course Reserves is a solution that every academic library can benefit from and that librarians, instructors, and students alike can appreciate. It does more than just reserve coursework and information for a class. EOS.Web Course Reserves effectively coordinates course reserves so that library staff can manage the process better, instructors can control their course reserves with zero delay-time, and students can easily access class information from anywhere, at any time.