Electronic Content Management

Electronic Content Management (ECM) is designed to assist librarians in the routing and maintenance of electronic serials.

With an increasing demand for journals in electronic, rather than traditional paper form, librarians need a system that streamlines serial receipt and retention. In much the way traditional serials were tracked, ECM allows librarians to receive, catalog, and circulate electronic serials.

ECM begins with the receipt of the electronic serial. Librarians can automatically archive the issue, and then route a copy via email to a patron list created for that particular journal. This allows the library to retain a copy of each journal, without having to manually track the issue through the organization.

ECM also allows librarians to track their electronic subscriptions, using the serial information and maintenance features. As with traditional serials programs, ECM helps librarians ensure that each issue of the serial is received and recorded in the library’s EOS.Web system, ensuring that no issues are missed or never received.


  • Integration with EOS.Web Serials
  • Automatic archiving
  • Email routing of e-Journals
  • e-Journal serial information
  • Maintenance of e-Journal subscriptions
  • Gather email utility task