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EOS.Web Indexer provides for the indexing, organizing, and searching of over 200 file types and formats residing in relational databases, document management systems and groupware repositories. Files types and formats that can be indexed and searched against include: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, XML, and HTML.

EOS.Web Indexer offers a solution for organizations that need a system to manage internally generated full-text documents by providing links to, and enabling the full-text searching of, content in both electronic and scanned forms. Types of materials suitable for EOS.Web Indexer are collections of internally generated legal briefs, research papers, medical research, annual reports, technical reports, engineering drawings, patents, memorandums and other materials that are highly specific to your organization.

Providing Greater Access to Information Held Outside of the Library

EOS.Web Indexer extends the highly sophisticated search capabilities of our search engine via LANs, WANs, or Intranets to an organization’s internally published content. This content can then be linked to custom bibliographic records using EOS.Web Cataloging can then be used to enter custom bibliographic information such as research notes, research paper abstracts, document summaries. The content is then automatically indexed and made accessible to researchers via the OPAC, to create a custom-built universal index for your organizations content, thus providing knowledge workers access to internal document collections in addition to standard special library collections.

The universal search index – which can cross all document types – and the single user interface make it easy for users to search all materials, whether standard bibliographic materials (i.e. in the library catalog), commercial databases, data stored elsewhere within the organization or content that is available on the Internet, e.g., files from NASA or the Smithsonian.

Better access to such (often hidden) resources can mean a competitive edge for many organizations. Once a document is located within Indexer, the user simply double clicks on the citation, and if appropriate a third party product is opened (e.g., MS Word) and the item is displayed.

EOS.Web Indexer provides a total, integrated solution that satisfies an organization need to provide access to electronic information from worldwide content providers, library bibliographic information, and internal documents.