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IP Authentication

Internet access control of your Web OPAC is essential to your library’s information security.  With organizational data and competitive information typically being stored in a library, your organization’s integrity relies on keeping that information out of the wrong hands. 

EOS provides protection for the data you entrust us to manage, because we understand how important it is to make sure your information is safe from unauthorized users. Combining the Internet Protocol (IP) Authentication module with your EOS.Web solution will allow you to control who has access to your information with a secure, defined and dependable method.  Effectively safe-guarding your digital data against intruders is an EOS promise.

IP Authentication combines with EOS.Web to recognize and control user access of your library’s OPAC within the EOS.Web solution.  With a user’s IP address being similar to a home mailing address, the IP Authentication module easily and quickly identifies the user’s unique identity and location on the Internet.  You decide which IP addresses are authorized to access your Web OPAC, and the IP Authentication module ensures that your specifications are implemented. The IP Authentication module is so versatile that whether you are working in the office or decide to take the job home, you can safely access your OPAC from any IP address you grant access to. With the IP Authentication module, you become the official gatekeeper of your data.

Immediately following installation, IP Authentication begins to shield your OPAC from unauthorized access.  Every time a user attempts to access your OPAC, IP Authentication automatically identifies the user’s IP address. If the IP address appears on the sanctioned list of permissible IP addresses that you specified, the user can freely access your EOS.Web OPAC.  All others will be denied.  At any point in time, you have the freedom to add or remove IP addresses from the list of authorized users.  We make it simple for you to maintain quality control of your digital data. All the while, the integrity of your EOS.Web OPAC is ensured.

Using IP Authentication in combination with EOS.Web offers you the security you need and the peace of mind you deserve.