EOS.Web Network

Through EOS.Web Network, Cloud hosted EOS libraries can optionally participate in the EOS.Web Network community, making their catalogs available to other EOS.Web cloud hosted libraries.

Databases from other libraries in the community can be added to your EOS.Web Network and your databases may be added to other EOS.Web libraries. Participation in the EOS.Web Network is easily managed from a simple set-up page.

Search Other EOS Libraries

When searching other libraries hosted by EOS, results are combined into a single, sortable title list. For local and remote collections, there is expandable item information, including location and availability, displayed in a list format that can be color-coded for easy identification. Optionally, you can enable the automatic removal of remote titles from search results, when the same title is available locally.

Make Your Library Searchable

With a few clicks, you can make your catalog searchable to other libraries using EOS.Web in the cloud. If you have multiple collections, you can select which ones are searchable.

Control What is Searchable

Determine your library’s level of participation in the community—enjoy the benefits of EOS.Web Network without making your database available to the community. You can make your database “public” within the community or you can make your database available for searching only upon request from another EOS Cloud library.

Lend and Borrow with ILL Shopping Cart:

For libraries with the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) module, a shopping cart is available for use with other ILL hosted libraries in the EOS.Web Network community to handle the exchange of library materials between EOS Cloud libraries. Library logos may also be uploaded as shopping cart images (Add to Cart and Added to Cart icons) for unique branding between different libraries.