Z39.50 Server

EOS.Webs Z39.50 lets you create “union” or “virtual” catalogs by defining host sites and databases available to their staff (in EOS.Web Advanced Search) and/or to the public (in EOS.Web OPAC) using the Z39.50 Setup function.

EOS.Web OPAC users can select any combination of Z39.50 sites and perform a single search for materials at all of the selected sites. Users can do this without knowing the search syntax that is used by those other systems. Record retrievals display in a consolidated list with each separate database clearly identified.

Z39.50 has been adopted widely to provide access to many types of information, such as:

  • Bibliographic Data
  • National & International Government Information Resources
  • Scientific and Technical Data
  • Geospatial Data
  • Digital Library Collections
  • Museum Information

Z39.50 simplifies the search process for the end user. It enables a searcher to use the familiar interface of the local computer system to search local databases as well as remote databases that are Z39.50 compliant.

EOS clearly demonstrated the ability to aggregate the disparate sources of collection information held by the OHS into one database, while also providing the option to integrate the existing systems through standards such as MARC and Z39.50.

George Ross | Director of Technology | ISITE Design