Jeff Smith

Vice President of Customer Success

Jeff Smith is Vice President of Customer Success at SirsiDynix and recently celebrated his 30 anniversary in the industry. Jeff leads the Library Relations Manager team as well as the EOS.Web Customer Services team.

Jeff began his career at EOS International, formally Data Trek, Inc., in product development positions before promoting to Director of Client Services. In 2005, Smith left EOS International and worked for Ametek, managing their customer services and commercial operations departments. In 2009 Jeff returned to EOS International as Vice President of Client Services, managing implementation, training, and help desk support of the EOS.Web products, continuing on in 2013 with the SirsiDynix acquisition of EOS. In 2019 Jeff added to his responsibilities as Vice President of Customer Success for SirsiDynix products.

Smith holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Information Systems from San Diego State University and resides in San Diego with his wife, Denise; they have 2 adult children.