Mark Thompson

Vice President of Software Development

Mark’s first experience with Library Automation was in 1983 at Utah State University where he was hired by the University Library to help evaluate the GEAC Library Management System on a Prime computer system.

After receiving a Computer Science degree from USU, Thompson’s early work experience was creating software for accounting, inventory management and purchasing systems for book stores and publishers. He started at Dynix in 1990 and had the opportunity to work with the National Library of Canada, building a custom Acquisitions product for them and living in Canada for several months. During this time Mark developed a great appreciation for the services libraries provide and strong respect for the dedication of those who work there.

Mark has been through many changes with SirsiDynix company, its name, its management, its products and his role in it. Speaking about his time here, Mark says, “I’ve been lucky enough to be part of so many development efforts thru the years; Dynix, Horizon, Symphony and BLUEcloud. Thru it all, SirsiDynix has been a great place to work and is unmatched in any industry for having the best customers to work for. For me my passion is to help my employees and customers succeed and what’s best is realizing that when our customers succeed that so many others are being helped as well.”