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IMMS™ gives public libraries control of collection, space, and float management. IMMS™ complements your existing ILS and creates an unprecedented level of transparency in your material flow. Utilizing new tools for data collection, items can be tracked to the shelf, shelving cart, transport bin, or storage location.

Use IMMS™ intelligence to increase the value for your community.

IMPROVED CIRCULATION – Real-time distribution of materials makes sure that titles go where there is space and where they are in short supply – leading to higher circulation and less staff time spent on rebalancing.

SUSTAINABILITY AND IMPROVED WORKFLOWS – The entirely paperless work processes, not only save staff time, align with green policies, and eases workflows, but also prevent disease to spread through hold slips and shared picklists.

LESS ROUTINE MORE SERVICE – Batch handling and intelligent distribution lead to staff spending less time on material handling like holds management and shelving leaving hands free for mission-critical alignment with broader community goals.

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