Announcing Horizon 7.5.2 and HIP 3.22

September 12th, 2012

This release contains several new features, enhancements, and product fixes including:

  • SMS Text notices – The SMS messaging add-on feature allows you to set up your Horizon system for the manual or automated sending of text messages to your borrowers. You can collect borrower preferences and mobile phone numbers or you can configure Horizon Information Portal so that borrowers can enter their own information and preferences in the My Account area. Messages can be created and sent for overdue item notices, holds available for pickup, preoverdue item notices, or a general message to a specific borrower.
  •  MARC format updates for RDA – New and updated tags and sub-fields for RDA have been added to the MARC format table. Any existing tags or sub-fields will not be overwritten, so any customizations you have already made will not be changed.
  •  Integrated RDA Toolkit and Library of Congress context help – The ability to access external MARC tag contextual help for the RDA Toolkit and Library of Congress is now available from a right click drop-down menu while working within bibliographic or authority records.
  • Jetty 7.5.3 upgrade for HIP – Jetty 7.5.3 is included as part of the HIP install. This update improves both stability and security for the Horizon Information Portal.
  • Improved LDAP Functionality in HIP – The LDAP functionality for active directory in Horizon Information Portal has been enhanced so that administrators can specify a bind username and password, use a base distinguished name that is recursively searched, and whether to use only LDAP for authentication. LDAP can be used to authenticate against directory service providers such as Active Directory.
  • Requested Enhancements  – The top requests submitted by customers through the enhancement forums have been added:
  • Email address validation added to several email fields within Horizon.
  • New option included to hide the “end session” button in the CKO window.
  •  Resolved errors when pulling a price into a purchase request when there are two 020 tags.
  • nactive reserves are no longer searchable in HIP by patrons.
  • Sort button added to borrower and title request list views.

Please refer to the Horizon and HIP release notes available on the Customer Support website for detailed information about these and other changes including a list of specific product fixes. Horizon ILS library customers interested in the new SMS Text Notices functionality can purchase this add-on feature separately, to be activated by SirsiDynix Customer Support.

Additionally, we are releasing Horizon Web Services 1.3 in conjunction with HIP 3.22 which contains both enhancements and bug fixes including:

  • SMS Opt-in functionality – several operations have been added for working with the SMS feature through web services, corresponding to what borrowers can do through the Horizon Information Portal interface in version 3.22.
  • CAS authentication – works with an existing CAS system to validate that the login is valid.
  • Improved memory usage – smaller memory footprint to eliminate slowness on high traffic sites.

The Horizon Web Services 1.3 release notes available on the Customer Support website contain information about these and other specific product fixes. Horizon Web Services 1.3 can be installed at any library running Horizon 7.5.2 or later using HIP 3.22. The release is also compatible for use with Horizon 7.5.1 using HIP 3.21.2. Please note that new web services calls may not function with this earlier version of HIP. The download package and the supporting documentation are available from the Customer Support website.

A special thanks to our beta partners who were truly instrumental in providing timely and valued feedback!