PROVO, UTAH, June 22, 2010 – The lights in the SirsiDynix® Technology Center came on at 12:01 MST Monday, the company announced, marking the commencement of 24-hour technical support, centralized in Utah. Round-the-clock support in Provo supplementing existing teams around the world is part of recently announced initiatives to improve customer support and to help libraries find ways to increase value from their existing technology.

The company is hiring or relocating approximately 90 people for the Provo headquarters. A majority of the growth will be in customer support and product development, supplementing existing teams in other regions of the world. The company is looking for motivated, technically minded individuals, with particular interest in candidates who speak Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin.

“This is an exciting transition for the customers of SirsiDynix,” said Scott Wheelhouse, vice president of Customer Support for SirsiDynix. “SirsiDynix customers around the globe can dial a toll free number that connects them with someone immediately – whether it is someone in one of our several offices around the world or someone in Provo. Whoever picks up the phone has access to everything they need to know about the customer’s situation to provide the answers they need – in the language they speak.”

The SirsiDynix Technology Center is staffed 24 hours per weekday to accommodate the support needs of customers during their local business hours. Customers with premium support agreements, or with Critical Care needs will continue to have extended hours of live support. Wheelhouse said that improving customer support means libraries can, in turn, better spend their time and resources supporting the communities they serve.

SirsiDynix is also assigning development staff to work exclusively on escalated, more complex customer support cases. The result of this team is faster case handling and a better product long term, as remaining development teams can focus solely on future product releases.

Library Relations Managers, product and library experts located around the world, will further help the company understand and serve customers. The company is in the process of identifying those individuals to grow the LRM team worldwide. Every SirsiDynix customer will have an LRM to work with by mid-summer.

“A three-pronged approach – centralized support, development resources dedicated to support, and LRMs in the field with our customers – is the best solution for our libraries,” said Matt Hawkins, chief operating officer for SirsiDynix. “How does a business of our size develop and support products well for customers in over 70 countries? Every region of the world has unique needs, and because our product is so flexible, it can look different at every customer site. I believe the key is team members who now and care about each customer completely.