September 6, 2016 LEHI, UT—SirsiDynix is pleased to report continued growth in the second quarter of 2016. The multi-year trend of robust SirsiDynix growth continues through the spring by the addition of more than 40 libraries and consistent BLUEcloud product adoption. The growth in BLUEcloud adoptions is another important step forward in the SirsiDynix mission to bring the Best Library User Experience to libraries worldwide and to push the industry toward more intuitive, state-of-the-art technology.

In Q2, SirsiDynix was pleased to welcome over 40 new customers to the family of BLUEcloud libraries. In addition to these new customers, existing SirsiDynix customers did not remain static this quarter, with the number of BLUEcloud product adoptions exceeding 140. The leading products adopted by SirsiDynix libraries in Q2 include Enterprise, BLUEcloud Analytics, BLUEcloud Visibility and eResource central.

Reflecting on the progress of the quarter, SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison remarked, “SirsiDynix is honored to have been chosen for adoption by so many libraries. Q2 has been another solid quarter for our team and we are excited by the opportunities made available to us by these adoptions. Our primary mission at SD is to support the work of libraries everywhere by providing the industry’s most progressive solutions. We are pleased by the opportunity to provide our best-of-breed solutions to our library customers. Solutions like BLUEcloud Analytics and BLUEcloud Visibility are designed specifically to empower library workflows and extend the reach of library resources.”

About SirsiDynix

SirsiDynix connects people with knowledge at more than 23,000 libraries around the world. Through library management technology and search and discovery tools, libraries using SirsiDynix technology bring relevant resources and the power of knowledge to their users and communities. SirsiDynix technology is architected to be open, scalable, and robust, offering a complete out-of-the-box solution and unparalleled flexibility through APIs and web services. Complemented by the most experienced training, consulting, and support staff in the industry, SirsiDynix helps libraries create tomorrow’s libraries, today. To find out more, visit,/p>