SirsiDynix Launches the Community Engagement Platform

August 12, 2020, Lehi, UT—SirsiDynix announced the general availability of its newest product, the Community Engagement Platform (CEP). CEP is a comprehensive marketing tool for libraries of all shapes and sizes. It consolidates multiple products and services into one cohesive solution, delivers unified and consistent branding, and creates more effective marketing campaigns with data directly from the Integrated Library System (ILS). The Community Engagement Platform is now available to all libraries worldwide.

“Having a consistent experience helps build trust and credibility with your patrons, encouraging them to visit the library more frequently,” said Chief Marketing Officer Eric Keith. “Libraries often use multiple tools to engage patrons, making it challenging to maintain a unified look and feel. We all interact with well-known brands every day, and this shapes our experience and perception of companies and organizations. Patrons of the library have the same expectations. That’s why we created CEP. It helps libraries meet those same brand expectations that library users have—and we’ve made it as simple as filling out a form.”

Programming and events. CEP offers an intuitive online calendar helping patrons find upcoming programming. From the calendar, library users can view all event details, including date, time, and a brief description. They can also register for an event and receive tickets with a scannable QR code straight to their email. Patrons can also use CEP to easily book a room to host an approved event in the library.

Email and smart lists. Staff can use CEP to send promotional emails, inform patrons about new and upcoming events, and update the community on library efforts and achievements. The Smart List feature increases engagement by pulling data from the ILS to generate organized lists of users that are specifically interested in certain aspects of the library, so they only receive information that is pertinent to them.

Metrics and reports for it all. CEP comes equipped with performance reports tracking engagement, usage, and demographics. Easily see which campaigns have been the most successful so they can be recycled for future use.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of CEP. Its unique and deep integration with our existing products and services helps libraries market even more effectively. It helps libraries deliver high quality, consistent engagement regardless of their staff size and expertise—it’s really designed for all types and sizes of libraries,” said Chief Executive Officer Bill Davison. “Libraries can use CEP to combine multiple subscriptions into one platform, saving on budget while improving staff efficiency. Especially in times like these, it is critical that communities hear about the vital services their library provides. We believe in the power of libraries, and we are honored to play a small part in helping libraries communicate their value with the Community Engagement Platform.”

About SirsiDynix
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