BLUEcloud Acquisitions Update

March 15th, 2016

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March 15, 2016 LEHI, UT—SirsiDynix is anticipating a new addition to the BLUEcloud LSP. Coming later this year, BLUEcloud Acquisitions will join the collection of next-generation software of the BLUEcloud LSP. BLUEcloud Acquisitions will provide a solution for concentrated control over all steps of the acquisitions process. BLUEcloud Acquisitions is a cloud-based acquisitions system for both Symphony and Horizon that delivers centralized and localized purchasing, budgeting, collection development, receipt handling, invoice handling, and exception handling with optimized consortia workflows for large library systems.

BLUEcloud Acquisitions is the product of a unique partnership with the South Australia Public Library Network (SAPLN). SAPLN built and maintained their own acquisitions software for more than 20 years. Their consultation on the project has been invaluable, as their input helped SirsiDynix to craft BLUEcloud Acquisitions to work with libraries of all sizes and workflows. SAPLN’s dedicated Beta testing enabled SirsiDynix to develop highly refined features, functional requirements, and an enjoyable user experience.

Jo Freeman, SAPLN’s strategic projects manager, views the partnership as a universally valuable enterprise in product development. “Working closely with the BLUEcloud Acquisitions team has given us an opportunity to better understand SirsiDynix’s product development process, while sharing our expertise in consortium purchasing for the benefit of all SirsiDynix customers,” said Freeman. “We are very excited to see our efforts come to fruition when we implement BLUEcloud Acquisitions in South Australia later this year.”

As a result of this partnership, BLUEcloud Acquisitions is anticipated to enter the market as the premier acquisitions product. BLUEcloud Acquisitions will provide industry-leading features that neither Symphony nor Horizon currently enjoy, such as the price comparison feature, which enables libraries to get the most favorable pricing for their purchases.

“BLUEcloud Acquisitions will be a game changer for our BLUEcloud customers,” said BLUEcloud Acquisitions Product Manager Mike Hilmo. “Libraries are constantly seeking for ways to reduce costs, and BLUEcloud Acquisitions will play a key role in doing just that. Library staff will have a platform where they can easily and quickly save their library money through comparisons. And as we integrate vendor performance reporting into the software, library business managers can have more meaningful conversations with vendor representatives about reducing material collection costs. BLUEcloud Acquisitions is versatile and will streamline how libraries approach acquisitions.”

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