March 21, 2016, LEHI, UT—The SirsiDynix family of BLUEcloud products will be expanding in 2016 with the addition of BLUEcloud Circulation. BLUEcloud Circulation offers a powerful new web-based circulation solution that features easy management for administrative staff while taking full advantage of the BLUEcloud library services platform and the flexibility of the Symphony and Horizon policies. BLUEcloud Circulation modernizes and simplifies circulation workflows, ensuring that library staff can serve end-users with unprecedented ease.  Best of all, BLUEcloud Circulation joins the family of BLUEcloud products that SirsiDynix libraries will receive as part of their current maintenance.

Building on the advantages of the powerful BLUEcloud platform architecture, BLUEcloud Circulation manages library circulation activities from any device with a modern web browser. The smooth interface minimizes clicks, while maximizing granular controls with customizable rules.

The initial pilot for BLUEcloud Circulation has involved a variety of sites in its development, including Symphony and Horizon sites in academic, public and consortial settings. Our pilot sites and customer Strategic Partner Program have provided invaluable assistance in helping SirsiDynix develop a well-rounded tool that will be suitable for all types and sizes of libraries. In the first half of 2016 these pilot sites will receive major updates as BLUEcloud Circulation moves towards the release.

“We are very grateful for the contributions of our pilot sites,” said Product Manager and Vice President of Library Relations Berit Nelson. “Our pilot partners have worked with us through basic implementations and are ramping up to go beyond checkin/checkout and patron registration to support for holds, bills and receipts and other mission-critical circulation functions.”

BLUEcloud Circulation is in pilot today and will release in late 2016. Libraries that are interested in BLUEcloud Circulation should contact their sales representative or LRM.

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