BLUEcloud Circulation Now in GA Release

January 17, 2017, Lehi, UT—SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the GA release of BLUEcloud eRM, the SirsiDynix electronic resource management solution. BLUEcloud eRM is the premier solution to managing the lifecycle of electronic resources, from trial and acquisition to licensing and implementation. BLUEcloud eRM is available to libraries through SirsiDynix’s SaaS hosted environment as an add-on service.

Electronic content continues to grow in popularity among all types of libraries. BLUEcloud eRM supports the modern need for libraries to supply, track, and support electronic content. Building on the open-source electronic resource management system CORAL, BLUEcloud eRM streamlines staff workflows, tracks contractual terms, and captures COUNTER statistics from disparate vendors for analysis. SirsiDynix’s SaaS hosting provides supplemental support for BLUEcloud libraries by alleviating in-house need to maintain infrastructure.

Commenting on the occasion of the release, Chief Technology Officer Sheridan Richey relayed a thank you on behalf of SirsiDynix. “At this time as we release eRM to our libraries, we want to express our gratitude to the open-source community for the support of their CORAL management system. As a reflection of our appreciation of and commitment to the open source community, much of the code we have developed for eRM is being contributed back to the community.”

“We at SirsiDynix are very excited about the release of BLUEcloud eRM,” said SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison. “Our mission as a company is to deliver powerful tools that enrich and empower libraries everywhere. Electronic resources are such a crucial part of library collections. To better support library electronic collections, we are pleased to be adding BLUEcloud eRM as a robust addition to the BLUEcloud LSP. BLUEcloud eRM is an important addition, helping libraries efficiently streamline their electronic management.”

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