MobileCirc Surpasses 500 Customers

November 3rd, 2016

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November 3, 2016, LEHI, UT—SirsiDynix is pleased to announce the 500th adoption of MobileCirc, the BLUEcloud mobile circulation solution. MobileCirc supplements library workflows, enabling staff to perform circulation functions from any device with a browser; functional capabilities include check-ins, checkouts, renewals, and adding new users. This 500th adoption places MobileCirc among the most widely-implemented BLUEcloud products, along with popular applications such as Enterprise, eResource Central and BLUEcloud Cataloging.

MobileCirc is a solution built to support library circulation by untethering staff from desktop devices. Compatible with iOS, Android, and web, MobileCirc enables staff to provide customer service on their mobile devices. MobileCirc brings efficiency and energy to library tasks, like weeding and public outreach, that would otherwise be restricted without the support of a mobile circulation solution.

“We are excited to see that MobileCirc has become yet another very successful BLUEcloud solution for SirsiDynix libraries,” said SirsiDynix CTO Sheridan Richey. “MobileCirc is a robust solution that helps support libraries, especially as they respond to the changing demands of the modern library-user.”

Reflecting on the overall company vision SirsiDynix CEO Bill Davison commented, ”Our goal at SirsiDynix is to help optimize library functions, so that staff can focus on their service. Our highest priority is to provide libraries with solutions like MobileCirc that help staff operate with flexibility and power. We are pleased to see MobileCirc supporting so many libraries and look forward to further supporting the great work of libraries everywhere.“

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